Joker Movie Trailer

Joker Movie Trailer featuring Joaquin Phoenix

The new Joker Trailer Starring Joaquin Phoenix. Joker seems to be taking a different tack entirely. The trailer implies, between its leisure-cut suits, vintage cars, and dated technology, that it's taking place in a Gotham based on 1970s New York City. The period details are apparent, even in the trailer. We see seedy peep shows clearly riffing on '70s Times Square, an Arkham that Nurse Ratched might have prowled, and comedy clubs full of that '70s mustard-gold-and-brown palette. This is exciting from a design point of view, and introduces an entirely new element to the superhero movie genre. What happens when we bring our very real past to bear on this very fictional story? We're going to find out when Joker premieres.